The Mythic campaign setting for the Savage Worlds rpg system is set on a world that’s much like Earth during ancient times. Unlike most settings of this type, Mythic doesn’t focus on just one ancient culture and mythology. Mythic is unique in that it includes several ancient cultures and mythologies all in one setting. Ever wanted to have a celtic druid, a greek hoplite, and an egyptian archer all in the same party? Ever wanted a campaign that has the heroes face off against terrifying mummies one adventure, bloodthirsty minotaur the next, and finish off by dealing with trickster sidhe? In Mythic you can do all that and much, much more.

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Available Books

The Mythic setting book is broken into five sections. The first section provides additional information for character creation, including Edges, Hindrances, gear, Powers, and setting rules. The next three sections deal with each of the three cultures that make up the Known World, including information on the gods and goddesses that form the pantheons of each culture. The final section is a bestiary with stats and descriptions of over 90 creatures, animals, and npcs pulled from each of the three core cultures and mythologies.

The Mythic pdf and PoD book are now available from:
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