Kickstarter Now Live

The kickstarter for Mythic: Ennam & Saduri, the first expansion to the Mythic campaign setting, is now live.

The Mythic core setting book has been taken down from DriveThruRPG for the kickstarter so it can be replaced with the new revised version.



Within the next couple of weeks Chimera Press is going to launch a kickstarter to help expand the world of Mythic. The basic kickstarter will be for the Mythic: Ennam & Saduri expansion book, which introduces two new cultures and mythologies:¬†Ennam, which is based on Mesopotamia; and Saduri, which is based on Vedic India. Two adventures will also be made available as stretch goals. The first will be Poisoned Wedding, where the heroes must save a wedding meant to unite two warring clans. The second will be Labyrinth of the Minotaur, where the heroes must stop a minotaur warlord who’s bent on exterminating the human race. When the kickstarter launches an announcement will be made here with a link to the kickstarter page.